Grand Mayan
Any Location, Mexico.
2 BR, 7 Days..............$1600
1 BR, 7 Days..............$1300
Mayan Palace Marina
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2 BR, 7 Days .............$1250
1 BR, 7 Days................$975

Welcome to

Found a better deal, then make me an offer.  I will entertain all reasonable offers.
I can usually make reservations 3 months to 1 year in advance. 

Rent anytime in 2015 May, June, July, or August and receive
1,000 pesos for FREE!

Typically, I can easily get reservations at: the Grand Luxxe (including Grand Luxxe Spa Tower) in Nuevo Vallarta and in Playa Del Carmen (Cancun), Grand Bliss and/or Bliss in Nuevo Vallarta, Grand Mayan or regular Mayan Palace at all the Mayan locations across Mexico, and the Sea Garden locations.

We recently have upgraded to the 2 Story, 2 Bedroom Loft at the Mayan Grand Luxxe. So, we have access to just about every room at every level of service at any location.

  • 2 Story, 2 Bedroom Loft (Nuevo Vallarta Only).
  • 2 & 3 Bedroom Spa Tower (Garantee 4th Floor or Higher).
  • 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Grand Luxxe (Villa).
  • 1 & 2 Bedroom Grand Mayan.
  • 1 & 2 Bedroom Mayan Palace.

The Grand Luxxe Spa Tower
  • (2015) Rob  and Maria Peck & Family (With Luxxe benifits)
  • (2015) Larry Miller & Jackie Foote (With Luxxe benifits)

The Grand Luxxe
  • (2016) Congrats to James and Sandra Marjeram (With Luxxe benefits)
  • (2015) Congrats to Zach & Amanda Leisinger (With Luxxe benifits)
  • (2015) Congrats to James and Sandra Marjeram (With Luxxe benefits)
  • (2014) Congrats to Frank & Cathy Smith
  • (2012) Congrats to Phil and Jan Morris
  • (2012) Congrats to Paul and Peggy Johnson
  • (2011) Congrats to Bob and Shelly Ehler.

The Grand Bliss
  • (2015) Congrats to Tim and Kelly Sandborn
  • (2014) Congrats to James and Sandra Marjeram  (With Luxxe Benefits)
  • (2012) Congrats to Donna Reynolds and Family
  • (2012) Congrats to Gregg and Linda Davidson (2 Week Purchase)

The Bliss
  • (2013) Congrats to Tim Meeker family.
  • (2012) Congrats to Bob and Shelly Ehler  (With Luxxe Benefits)

The Grand Mayan
  • (2014) Congrats to Larry Miller, Jackie Foote & Friends
  • (2013) Congrats to Zach Leisinger, Amanda Kennell & Friends.
  • (2012) Congrats to Jerry Yockey & Family
  • (2012) Congrats to Jill Zappulla & Family (With Luxxe  Benefits)
  • (2012) Congrats to Jerry Pinsky & Family (With Luxxe  Benefits)

Mayan Palace
  • (2014) John and Tammy Wesson & Family
  • (2013) Mark & Kim Clemmons & Family
  • (2012) Congrats to Curt Russel & Family

We are not affiliated with timeshare sales in any way.  We are a normal Christian family who rents our personal timeshare / condo weeks as they become available.  Honestly, absolutely no gimmicks or sales tricks. We have rented our timeshare weeks on eBay many times.  All the resorts I have access to are 5 star resorts, located in Mexico. I also have access to resorts in Florida, Bahamas, Hawaii, and more..

All the photos on this site are my personal photos taken while at the resorts we have visited.  The dates I have to rent are limited, because they are our personal weeks.  Our family uses these same weeks so I am renting my remaining weeks.
An easy way to travel without the all hassle.
UPDATE: There are 3 of 6 weeks available for 2015.  Only 5 of 6 weeks available for 2016.
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Grand Luxxe (All 7 Days)
Luxxe 1 BR.....................$1875
Luxxe 2 BR.....................$2600

Spa Tower 2 BR.............$2800
Spa Tower 3 BR.............$3200

2 Story Loft, 2 BR...........$3900