How To Rent
This is the method I used while renting my weeks on eBay.  It worked very well.  Here is how easy it is...
  • Just email me at
  • I need to know: The resort name (ie. Grand Mayan)
  • I need to know: The resort location (ie. Puerto Vallarta)
  • I need to know: The date you want to check-in (Should be a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday)
  • I need to know: The size of room (1 BR, 2 BR, Studio)

  • I will then check the availability by calling the requested resort.
  • If it is available, then I will contact you back ASAP.
  • I will provide you with the options that are available.
  • I will provide you with the exact cost.

  • Once you have agreed to purchase, I will need payment through PayPal.  The reason I use PayPal is it is safe and secure.  Also, I am not a timeshares salesman, so this is the only way I can accept a credit card payment. Using PayPal is safe for you and safe for me.

  • Once payment is received, then I will call the resort and book your stay.  I will provide you with a letter stating you are using our resort (should it be required by the resort) and a detailed payment voucher from the resort stating the resort name, check in/out days, and that your stay is paid in full.

  • IMPORTANT: At his point, book your airline if needed.  Do not book it until I have full conformation from the resort that your stay is booked.  I say this because these resorts are in high demand and if there is a long delay in communication between you and me the room could be booked and I know airfare is non-refundable.  If the room I requested at the resort is already booked, and you have paid me through PayPal, then you will receive an immediate refund.

email me
If you buy it and I book it, then its your week to use.  Refunds are sometimes available through the resorts, and to be honest I stress sometimes.  It totally depends on the resort.  I will let you know if a refund is possible at the time of purchase.

Should you be unable to go, I am willing to re-list your week for resale, but I can in no way guarantee its sale.  I will list it for the price you want to sell it for and I will not charge any additional fees, unless the resort charges me a fee to change the rental information.  Re-listed vacations will need to be re-listed before the date of travel.  Once the reservation date is passed, then it is of no use to anyone and the unit is considered used by the resort.

If you have any questions on my refund policy, then please email me.
email me
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